B O M B A R D E D - I M A G E S

Let me introduce myself




>> Black-bastard <<




Cannibal -

did you eat your mother?

I hear she is gone missing

Hi (son) sun-shine

Fuck your mother last night?

Monkey Nappy-head Nigger-brown Ethnic Exotic Uncivilised Scroungers Lazy-bums BOY Coloureds Muggers Negroes

Not tax evaders

- they don't work

Thick lip baboon, You (were ) are lucky we civilised you

Had to tame you first

Ungrateful, not even a thanks for us enslaving you


What about that green monkey?

See we had to try and stop you fucking it!

Spreading AIDS all over the place

I am only telling you this for your own good

While I castrate you

No dick, no fucking, and the green monkey is safe

That leaves me to service your woman

After all these nigger woman like it plenty

Don't want her to go mad and drown our lily-white babies

Will give her some half-breeds to keep her quiet while she forget YOU

In saying so she knows you are no good for her anyway


Now that you don't have that 12 inch jack between your legs

If you don't bleed to death you might learn to use your brain

What can I say, you should be grateful!

Just think,

we are saving the earth from an onslaught of niggers looking like you

I am afraid the post has been taken!

Did you know that peroxide is good for nigger hair?

Would go well with the image of the office

Just a tip for future employment

And while I am at it, how about some BLEACHING CREAM?

There are new brands on the market

So good you could look like me

Page 3, or cover girl stuff

Flying high on cloud 9

What do you mean, "Thanks but no thanks"!

I do not understand you blacks,

just lazy good for nothings who love to wallow in self-pity

We can take you out of savagery but we can't take the savagery out of you

Go with your natural look because you will always be on the outside

Let me tell you about SUCCESS

You see this advice: lots of blacks pay me dearly for it

Consider yourself privileged

NOW, for example, our tea lady

Very nice lady

Black, but her shade is getting lighter by the jar

Her hair now hangs loose on her shoulders

And her accent is a very upmarket imitation

She is wise

Knows how to get on

And have no problems doing that!

No way mamma

I never let my place to dogs, rats and definitely NOT NO NIGGERS

I could be persuaded though

Your daughter looks nice

How old did you say she is, 13?

Just shut up that fucking baby

And move

Move from my door!

I remember when niggers was a feature on our streets

Gave the police a great deal of strife

We had to work hard to eradicate them


Our reputable scientists, social, clinical and digital

Spent long hours in laboratories

We were hell bent on destroying the VERMIN

We even tried the pied piper

Well, that was then

Look now and see our lily-white clinical environment

You children will never know how lucky you are

Not to even hear again a bongo drum and see that big arse mama

Flashing her hips in sexual gyration

You will never realise how grateful you should be to have never heard the soulful schooching of a nigger man singing

And as for the woman, well you would have turned to stone

We have saved you from so much with one scientific scoop

Extinction would have been our reality otherwise

Can you imagine a world without us, the white race


Barbarity and mayhem would have conquered

And the niggers would once again be eating each other

Swinging in the trees and fucking the green monkey

Instead with one fair split


Blue jeans mutation

And now we go to the museum to see them

Or alternatively call them up on our DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY

Boy we are truly a blessed race

Now we can all enjoy a clinically LILY-WHITE WORLD

We only need to master pollution


And turn off our oxygen tanks

That is minor

While at it, we will wipe out the other undesirables which are feature of our reality

We will have to do some more splitting

We have a mission and it is ordained by God

Son, you are blessed

You are of the MASTER RACE!