V E N U S - F L Y- K I L L E R


Let me introduce myself


I am

>> Venus Fly Killer <<

My pass time is to SQUASH flies with lyricsNOT THE SMALL WINGED TYPES


I see those as nature's cleaners Making them essential to life itself.

The FLIES I destroy spread hatred Giving rise to fear and insecurities Resulting in the true self being crushed.Where can they be found? Their homes are in the same stench they generate. The stench of fear and insecurities From here they work to reflect their self hate on the nation.BUFF Another one drops dead from the power of my lyrics. I tell you my lyrics is potency itself. FLIES come in all shapes and sizes Their food seem varied in content But no,


All the ingredients add up to make the same stew Feeding an appetite of NEGATIVE ENERGIES Result being their inflated ego is NURTURED at our expense As they feed on the live embryo of our potential. You remember the one who said,

'All Black people are intellectually inferior?'
I say, 'Why stand on the backs of a people in the hope of Camouflaging your internalised inferiority complex?' To grow, to leave your insecurities behind You MUST learn to embrace your own worth Only then can you destroy the image you project on to others; Onto Black people, the object of your inferiority complex! In short circuiting that negative mind set is your freedom! YOUR FREEDOM AWAITS YOU! I remember those who stated that the pinnacle Development is white, blue eyed and blond! And may I add PROTESTANT! I, VENUS FLY KILLER, says, 'All life starts in darkness So it is the richness of life you fear; You fear your own sacred potential and like all cowards You try to undermine and destroy the very thing you fear; You try to destroy the BEAUTY OF BLACKNESS!' What about those who say,'Black people have no culture or history!' I say, 'Who took your brains? How could the first people not have a history or culture? Where would you be if your grand-parents were devoid of values and personal histories?' I have heard some shouting at the top of their lungs Saying we are UGLY, As UGLY AS SIN itself, they say I say, 'If we were here at the beginning And as God said at the beginning, the BIBLE stated, "Let's make man in my own image" Then God must be ugly indeed'. What about those who argue that the Black man is a sexual Animal lacking in morals VENUS FLY KILLER says, 'Is that why you have been so obsessed With castrating him and raping his mother, his wife, His daughters And still not satisfied, you raped his grandmother You have even molested his sons What was that about? Is that another strand of your inferiority complex exposing itself; Are you trying to destroy the essence of your fantasy? In otherwords, 'If I can't have it I destroy it?' Look again, you might just see truth in yourself! Release yourself from the torment of these lies. VENUS FLY KILLER is here to root out slackness; VENUS FLY KILLER is here to exterminate FLIES Flies feeding on the spirits of innocence The innocence of people, Black and White alike And all the shades sandwiched in between I am here with deadly lyrics to expose your insecurities; Your deceit. I heard you when you tried to tell me that my hair is kinky, hard and ugly In your folklore you have even equated my hair to snakes You have called me Medusa, the one who turns mortals into Stone if ever they look in her face Is that reflecting the terror of what you did not understand After all Afrikans considered snakes to be the symbol of immortality, The coiled one, DNA, the nervous system as defined by the brain and spinal column And you made her green, the green of nature, Chlorophyll, the transformer of the sun's rays into life Sustaining energy; Oh, by the way isn't that the role of melanin, the very thing You hate EMBRACE YOUR MELANIN and let me be! Nearly forgot, Let me go back, it was hair wasnt it I respond by saying that this hair evolved for special purposes Its kink resembles the spiral of DNA - the genetic material of life itself. Do you see the equation, hope so! Nature does not e m makistakes so in your ignorance you say, I have rhythm in your attempt to mock me You mock yourself, however, because buried as you are In your ignorance the truth eludes you. Life is rhythm itself with each LIFE FORM having its unique Frequency GET A LIFE TOUCH YOUR OWN RHYTHM! What about the 'GRAND LODGERS', the ultimate peddlers in slime The ones who seek to hide under their fictitious cloak of respectability I speak of the EUGENICS brigade And as the dictionary defines: Eugenics is the science of improving the human race. Who are these imfidels who compete with the devine will; How can they improve God's creation? We see their results: DESTRUCTION AND MAYHEM at every level of their interference; At every corner of the globe: No insect, no whale, no birds, no human; No, no human have escaped their atrocities. Let us go back again! Eugenics, the science of improving the human race is what the Dictionary says: Of course the human race refers to white, blue eyed blonds Anyone falling outside of this categorisation is labelled ETHNIC, EXOTIC, SAVAGES, the list goes on. And God's manifestation of self in diversity is devalued: The STENCH of evil takes control! Compare the ignorance of those statements, Statements which seek to destroy, to devalue, to undermine; Compare that with the wisdom of the learned: To do this let us travel to the time of antiquity: Let us witness the birth of Greece, the one expounded as the Disseminator of wisdom and culture: Let us easedrop on the 'midwives' as they bring this baby into The light of day and continue her nurturing until she was ready To pass on what she had learnt but like every ungrateful child She forgot to truly SING THE PRAISES of her teachers. Let us listen! Solon, 638-559 BC, a Greek Athenian statesman The very person who framed Greek democracy ONLY after several Educational visits to Egypt In his attempt to impress the Egyptian priests He narrated the most ancient Greek tales; Tales such as that of Phoconeus who is said to Greek mane/ancestor; Niobe, the flood of Devcalion and Pyrrha; Solon gave the genealogy of his people Moving on to calculate a time frame for these events. It was then that the oldest among the Egyptian priests EXCLAIMED: 'Solon, Solon, you Greeks are always children, There are no old men in Greece'. 'What are you saying?', Solon asked in bewilderment. 'You are young in spirit', replied the priest, 'for you possess no truly antique tradition, no notion grey with time'. Let us digress a little: Age is the symbol of wisdom in all Afrikan culture, past and Present hence the reverence shown to elders See how this equate with the notion of age in the west, the Offspring of Solon. The priest continued to expound his meaning, 'Permanent catastrophes trouble the surface of the globe mixing Or changing the races, Destroying one civilisation to replace it with another; The last, far from absorbing the intellectual and scientific Heritage of the one preceding it, picks up at the Beginning to traverse again the entire lost road' I would add some never even get out of the thicket by the ROAD SIDE Much less to reach the CROSSROADS. Just look at the reality of this modern cosmopolitan age: An age in which ignorance, fear, deceit walk around VISIBLE Wearing the cloak of ultimate respectability; In this sleep of death, scorn is thrown at the feet of the very People who could make some difference. Some of whom internalise these very negatives and in turn Alienates themselves from themselves; We speak of the slow death of a people's potential. It goes without saying that neither Solon nor his descendants Truly understood the wisdom imparted by that elder of antiquity twice over Instead, Solon's descendants have become keepers of locked doors: The doorway to the SPIRIT Consequently, truth is prevented from reaching the masses. In payment for their diligence in locking truth away From the world at large These degenerates' egos are fed by their own ignorance Disguised as SCIENTIFIC TRUTH. I,VENUS FLY KILLER, is here to release truth from its cage By destroying the venomous lies, The pre-digested food of these flies. I am here to release truth from its ENFORCED seclusion, Dust it off and once again send TRUTH into the world So all people who value life might live. This is my sacred duty ordained by the Goddess of love, Herself: VENUS! You, the vanguard of truth, I say to you Question, analyse and think from within That is where truth lies Not forgetting to be still with yourself sometimes In this stillness your spirit will speak the truth to you Do not be fooled by insecure, warped minds Minds who need your spirit in order to live Don't be a victim to these Draconian vampires For them to live you must die. INSIST ON LIFE so sayeth VENUS FLY KILLER. To help you in your quest for truth, For life itself, as I have stated earlier, I will now traverse the INTERNET with you, The highway on which most of these lies lurk, I can only alert you to their hiding places. Giving you the choice to avoid the danger. Make the choice NOW! YOU HAVE THE POWER!!
(c) Venus Fly Killer
Reference: African Origin of Biological Psychiatry by Richard King M.D. Published by Seymour-Smith INC - 1990