Stage 1:

Creation of street posters

This stage of the project will produce a series of thirty-two street posters featuring the head skin from the project's contributing artists, from the artists' friends and family, and from groups local to the community in which the show is to be held. Each artist, with their friends and family, represents in their genetic heritage, one or more of the following geographical regions - Africa, East Asia, North Europe and South Asia - indicated respectively by skin pigmentation ('black', 'brown', 'yellow', 'white') and biological difference. The head images will then be merged digitally, made anonymous and separated again to arrive at four distinct racial types, both male and female. The eight composite anonymous portraits will each be masked


Masking appears in the project in a manner similar to this example:


Masking the face of an anonymous portrait encourages the viewer of a poster to be caught up in a racial dichotomy. The viewer is unsure why the base face has the skin of another face sewn onto it. Further, with spit added, the user can detect signs of racial abuse but not identify who is the abuser or who is the abused.

 Stereo type heads


Creation of street posters