Stage 2(a):

World Wide Web site -

the collection of skin samples and other scanned artifacts.

Racist and nationalist sites usually have little counter-balance on the Web, leaving only their local banning as a possible way of dealing with them. Banning generally has the effect of forcing such sites underground. While this has little noticeable short-term effect on mainstream society, it has important implications for two key groups. For their target audience - disenfranchised white youths, for instance - the national censoring of a site serves often only to glamorize it. For the people who are the intended victims of these wars of categorisation, it puts them in a position of being unable independently to assess and deal effectively with their situation - instead abrogating all power in such matters to the function of a state which may well have a very different agenda. Effective contention of these sites, therefore, requires alternative tactics.


Mongrel intends to deal with these problems - largely the result of siting mechanisms for nationalist propaganda in the net's transnational infrastructure - by manufacturing an anonymous World Wide Website structured around the function of collecting material for National Heritage. This site will explore, exploit and subvert racist ideologies on the Internet by devising competition scenarios which induce self-identified racist and nationalist users to submit their own scanned skin and artifacts for inclusion in the game stage of National Heritage (this may also be incorporated into stage 2(b) if budgetary and scheduling constraints permit). As this material is collected, the Mongrel team will work with local community groups to select sample skin deposits and artifacts for inclusion on the National Heritage site and to elicit further response.


To achieve this degree of wide geographical interaction, Mongrel will take account of the way in which racisms, nationalisms and pathways to the new eugenics are transformed across regional boundaries and within diverse cultures. The Kokka shugi sha nationalists of Japan, for example, will despise tattoos as marginal and therefore refrain from participating in a competition restricted only to the submission of tattoo designs. Mongrel plans therefore to create three competition scenarios.


The competition scenarios will be as follows:


We pose three separate competitions


for the 'best' nationalist or racist tattoo


for the 'best' scar of pride


for the 'best' artifact (medals, knives, uniforms etc) of pride in race or nation


Ask the competitor to send us electronically digitised samples of the above.


Ask the competitor to send a sentence, asking why the person thinks this is the best example of the category.


Work with local comunity groups who are the intended victims of these wars of categorisation and ask them to respond on the Web to these 'best of' scars, tattoos, artifacts.

How this will be accomplished

1. National Heritage will create a domain name on the internet. This name is similar to those used by nationalist and racist groups in Europe and the USA for their activities. The name also carries no antagonistic associations for equivalent ideological groups in Asia.

2. Post the competition to nationalist user groups and ask for a response.

3. Accumulate a library of electronically addressable individuals on the World Wide Web site where the images are deposited.

4. The site will be left to expand for a given period, during this time it will establish itself as a site visited by self-identified racists.

5. During the gathering of information for the installation phase (Stage 2(a)) of National Heritage Mongrel willwork with local community groups to select and re-address the artifacts deposited on the World Wide Web, entrapping racists into dialogue and ridiculing their belief systems.





The following are examples of sites that will be targeted during Stage 2(a):


Heritage Front ---------------------------------

British Nationalists Home Page ------------ http://www.ngwwmallcom/frontier/bnp/ -------------------------------

Nigger Joke Center ---------------------------

Militias and Hate Groups in the USA -----

Skin-Net -----------------------------------------

Hammerskins -----------------------------------

Crosstar ------------------------------------------

Knights of the Klux Klan --------------------

Aryan Female Homestead -------------------

Alpha ---------------------------------------------


Following are pictorial examples of two of the target sites: