Wasted Museum, Exchange Erith:

Wasted Museum is the second instalment in YoHa’s Wasted Voyages in Thames Estuary. The Wasted Museum at the Exchange, Erith is in part a restoration of the local museum that inhabited the site of the old Carnegie Library. A reawakening, a haunting of a collection no longer present. Wasted Museum can be thought of as an intimate exploration of Erith’s past and present waste and the flows of the river Thames. For as long as humans have settled the banks of the Thames it has been a repository for the disposal of waste riding on the back of the 300,000 tonnes of sediment that the river transports from its source in Gloucestershire to the North Sea each year. _Thames Water Utilities Limited _processes 15 million people's wastewater which is poured back into the environment and also treats 4.4 billion litres of sewage a day which up until 1998 was dumped in the Estuary aboard _Bovril Boats. ( _In this context the river can be thought of as a kind of placeless movement, the tidal flows acting as a conveyer of raw materials, food, people, biology one way and waste, decay, disease and death the other. As a contemporary example of these flows in and out of bodies and their settlements. Two-thirds of London's drinking water is supplied by the river Thames and at the same time water companies discharge millions of litres of effluent and raw sewage back into the 160 km of tidal flow.