Wasted Museum is a call to all Erithians to come find your old polyester pants buried in a sea wall, bring that weird thing you found on the beach one day, or that irritating thing you found down the end of Manor Road. Framed by a skyline of scrap metal yards, and the Landfill in Rainham, The Exchange will be hosting YoHa’s Wasted Museum and holding a series of workshops that journey with microplastics into outfalls, walking the marsh waste and seawalls, mudlarking and holding open house sessions.

Help YoHa (Graham Harwood, Matsuko Yokokoji) build the Wasted Museum at the Exchange. We want to exhibit what you have taken home from the tip or a skip, what precious treasure you have found. We all have a place for those things we never wish to see again. Sometimes that's the murky depths of the river Thames or a municipal tip, buried in the garden or in just plain old forgetting. How can our waste be both beautiful and evil, spellbinding, a curse, a blessing. What can we discover about ourselves and Erith in bringing our found treasures or horrible things to build YoHa’s Museum of Waste?


Journeys with Microplastics, Sunday 10th April 2022 Andy Freeman 13:30 - 15:00

Andy will be exploring the hidden world of synthetic fibres and microplastics, following their journey from wardrobes to washing machines, through the sewerage system and into the rivers and mudflats and marshes of Kent and Essex to be taken up again in our wildlife and shellfish.

When clothing made from synthetic fibres like polyester is washed, small lengths of fibre break off and make their way into our sewerage system. For some clothes, especially new ones, this amounts to hundreds of thousands of fibres making their way into the waste water system. Joining up with glitter and microbeads from cosmetics, body paint and kids' play, this army of microplastics makes its way towards the ultimate destination of the majority of our water waste, the rivers and coastline.

Join Andy Freeman as he maps the history of synthetic clothing from Dupont’s nylon stockings to Sheins fast fashion and demonstrates how plastic microfibers are produced in the waste water of our washing machines.

Andy is an artist and activist from Southend-on-sea who is both a lecturer and PhD Candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Wasted Walks Sunday 29th May 2022 , 11:00 till 15:00 ( lunch break 12:30-13:30) Please register your interest.

Katie Surridge, Graham Harwood will be leading an expedition onto marshes and shoreline of Erith. Either meet at the Exchange at 10:30 or Meet 11:00 Ray Lamb Way, Off Manor Road, Dartford, Erith DA8 2LB to explore what is lurking beneath our feet, uneven rouble, plastic bags, half empty 1950's Brasso tins, chip rappers and the discarded internal walls of London’s property booms on Manor road. We will return to the Exchange after lunch at 14:00 to photograph and record our finds in the Wasted Museum Database.

YoHa’s Graham Harwood is an artist, activist and Reader in Media and Communications and Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London. Katie Surridge is an artist educationist who descends from a family of waste workers, Rag and Bone men as well as waste barge masters. She is an artist working with, blacksmithing and smelting. Katie’s fabrication creates links with skills from the past as a way to understand the origins of her own practice. Humour plays an important part in connecting with people through the social process of her art.

Wasted Open Day workshop Sunday 19th June 2022 11:00 -15:00 ( lunch break 12:30-13:30) Please register your interest.

YoHa (Graham Harwood, Matsuko Yokokoji ) will be holding an open day at the exchange where they will be displaying some of the local finds and inviting people to bring in their own curious wasted objects and asking people to share stories of working with waste that can be added to the museum. All welcome to come and share stories and objects of waste in Erith and the lower Thames.

YoHa (Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji)

YoHa's graphic vision, technical tinkering and participatory art practice, has powered several celebrated collaborations establishing an international reputation for pioneering arts projects, earned several awards and including the first online commission from the Tate Gallery London, also work in the permanent collections of the Pompidou Centre Paris, the Centre for *Media Arts in Karlsruhe (ZKM), Manifesta07 (Bolzarno, Italy), and Shanghai Biennale

Katie Surridge (we haven’t checked with Katie if we can use this pic)

Andy Freeman(gold pic so ok to use)