Character profile: CRIME LORD

I'm about keepin it real. I don't rip off the community. I make sure I deal real by doing quality control on everything that goes through my hands. sampling product it may be, but this is for those who know. The triads, mafia, yakuza, them's my teachers. I'm down with the world. I don't have to advertise. That supply and demand tip - you know how we do. I won't pay the going rate for nothing. 50% off minimum is my life's motto. Crack or brown, whatever makes them demand on me.

As youth I was very independent, and it seemed like every body else had the nice clothes, the jewellry, the assets, and I didn't have anything. I was used to getting what I wanted. I like to dress, I like to look good, I like to keep my beard trimmed. I gets mine.

Crime Control, is just another industry - super-profitable, so by boosting crime, we're actually helping out the mainstream. Keeping the cops in jobs. We help everybody. Young black gunshot victims may loose the ability to walk but they certainly don't loose their sense of style. The demand grows as more and more shootings occur. The wheelchair industry took note. Manufacturers are now offering a wider selection of colours, accessories and the chance to trade up for a nicer model. See, crime doesn't pay? Who they think they're trying to fool. The money does the rounds. It's People Power. Everybody happy!

Of course, the crackdown always takes place in minority neighbourhoods. It's easy for cops to inflate their arrest numbers there. Those detained are often doing nothin wrong or committing the crime of wearing baggy pants rimmed by designer underwear... But when I say I'm down with the community, I mean down with the community. Down with em, fuck those losers.


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