Character profile: DRY-CLEANER

Gucci, Armani, Moschino, Versace, D&G, Prada, that's the story of world history right there mate. From one to the other. From me cap to me kicks all round the world. One season to the next. From the voicemail on the mobile, one message on the pager to the next. Old school: Carhartt and Adidas. ThatŐs another personality. As many as you like. That's me right there whenever I want it. Flexibility. Control.

I may be shit like the rest of you. But at least I look good before I hit the coffin. It donŐt matter what happens in the rest of the world out there so long as I can say that. I got label power - you get me? You got to keep dreaming. If you stop doing that you end up getting fucked up. That's how niggers end up in crack. Just dreams. No style. The streets ain't for ever. ThatŐs the butt-naked truth right there. Niggers just be trying to survive. Tonight I'm having cybersex and Dom Perignon. I say - cuz niggers is going out of style: "Don't up lift the race. Update it!"

I ain't got the the money to pay the bus fare after I bought these jeans so what you on about? I hate them gays with all their cars and shit. They can afford it. No childrens see. I may buy the garments from homosexuals but at least I don't support them financially like that gay lover killed Versace. Ha! Fuck him. I wear his gear even if that racist bastard don't want a nigger like me in them clothes.

See, there's two levels to it the way I got it figured. Number one is at the street level. You do a robbery to get the money, then spend it all on clothes. The other way, you work in some semi-trendy retail operation and then spend all your wages. Those are the wrong way to go about it. See, ItŐs all about believing you got the money, the money gets you the clothes, which gets you the influence which gets you the money. You've got to believe. In West London you see crack fiends mixing with multi-millionaires. They both believe they's each other. I'm a DJ.


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