Character profile: LOVER

I can make my ass jump to the beat of any song - one cheek at a time. Or I'll bounce up and down and It'll clap louder than your hands could. The job is a bump & grind. Those who get the master gold card treatment everyday of the week - I bet you they have tit-jobs waist jobs and absolutely no ass. That's straight up racism. I'm lucky. My genes made me naturally patient and manipulating. This is what got me where I am today. Thank god for his judgement. He made me one part vixen two parts hustler, last part ordinary citizen trying to make that money go round.

Money is blind to colour. My hair, my manicure, my wig, my g-string makes it so the world can see me. It's power. The cellulite fix is all part of that. The science of the perfectability of human beings is what its all about. I am the living incarnation of all that - and itŐs what earns me. Big time. Some say its all down to Sleazability. That's just missing the point. Their fear of a black planet means fear of a planet on which all the gold digging has been done. I say to that: "Cash only. No cheques"

You've got to start thinking about it. It's a love fest, but at what cost comes all the adoration? You see, I'm deeper, way deeper. I am at the centre of a kaleidoscope of love and I'm persecuted for it. It is this evil that is done against me that gives me my power. I am the Mongrel incarnate. Everyone wants me.


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