Character profile: PROFESSIONAL

The professional is a law-abiding citizen and a shining example to the community.

I still have a sense of humour and my intellect and a fully featured moral compass so there’s no problem with getting ahead in life. LIfe is what you make it. “Mo’ Money. Mo’ Position.” That’s my motto. I fit into the system like a Janet Jackson CD sliding into the DVD drive in my import saloon. MO’Better Sophistication. New Registration every year. Believe. One Holiday every year. For real. Direct Debit. Respect.

I was sipping some wine the other day with my partner. Fresh from the ice cabinet. We were discussing the roots. Gardening is a big hobby nowadays for us. Mowing the lawn gives me respect for brothers in the old days. The field hands. But nowadays, at least we understand what we are doing and take it upon ourselves to make our own decisions in life. ‘Job Safety is the Prime Objective!’

My partner and I don’t mind other brothers going down the plantation to get the sugar cane for we - we sharin is all. I’m doing the business for them of keeping my threads classy and representing a positive image of the community to the white conspiracy. It’s disrespectful that, for instance, the people we went to school with don’t understand what we are going through on their behalf. They should read a little. The intellectuals’ magazines: Ebony, Pride, The Voice. Education. Think of Bill Cosby. I mean, think. Think deeply. I grew up in a dysfunctional home. Now I listen to R. Kelly. ‘I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky’. From forty acres and a mule to forty hours a week and a mortgage. That’s progress straight right there.


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