The specific aims of this project


To produce a set of thirty-two posters of racially-typed heads that appear to have been the objects of abuse.


To manufacture a World Wide Web site to encourage self-identified racists to deposit digital samples of their skin make-up and other visual artifacts.


To create an interactive installation which features the making of digital skin samples of its audience as a key element in the installation's design.


To construct the installation so that its audience's movements and ethnic composition determine a level of abuse which is 'inflicted' visually on projected images in the installation and which also provokes the images to respond in turn to the audience.


To work with community groups to create content for the interactive components of the installation and poster images.


To organise a single, month-long series of sessions recording culturally hybrid music anthems to be incorporated as audio elements into the installation's design.


To enable development of the project further in other formats, building on the experience of the project's first two stages and incorporating the sample data that is scanned and stored in the course of these initial stages.


To present the first showing of the installation at ISEA98 in Manchester and Liverpool.